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Magnetism Shopping Mall Taiwan(MSMT)-magnets expert, specialized in selling sintered NdFeB magnets, bonded NdFeB magnets, anisotropic / isotropic ferrite magnets by cutting / molding, rubber magnets, SmCo magnets, alnico magnets, plastic magnets, bio magnets, anion magnets... all kinds of magnetic materials, magnetic application tools, magnetic health care products, magnetic creative products.
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This website consists of “Magnetism Shopping Mall Taiwan” based on the services provided by this member services terms of use. When you join to be our members, it means that you have read, understand and agree to accept the terms of all contents and conventions. And fully accepts the services with existing and future derivative projects.

Based on the needs, “Magnetism Shopping Mall Taiwan” has the right to modify or change the terms of use at any time. We will not notify each member, so kindly recommend that you keep attention on related changes with the change at anytime.

Your continued use of the service after any modifications or changes would be deemed that you have already read, understood and agreed to complete revisions and changes.


Register Duty

In order to use the service, you are going to agree to the following items.


I、The services registry Tips will offer your accurate, current and complete identity data.

II、Maintaining and updating your personal information to ensure it is the correct, up-to-date and complete. If member provide any false or inaccurate data, we have the right to suspend or terminate member’s account and refuse the use of the Membership Services in whole or in part.


Member account, password and security

The Member ID is the E-mail, you must fill out in detail. E-mail and the password cannot be repeated login. If you provide any false or untrue data, we have the right to suspend or terminate your account and refuse your use of the service.

The member should keep the passwords well. Disclosing the password and making available to others knowing is prohibited. If non-member uses the Member's e-mail and password to do all the behavior in the service, it would be considered to be acts of the Member and the password holder.

If the members discover or suspect other people use their Member's E-mail or password, you should notify the store immediately and take the necessary precautions.

But the notice shall not be construed as any form of compensation for the members of the supermarket or a liability or obligation of compensation.


●Member privacy policy

Regarding to your Member registration and any other specific data, it would be protected and standard by our "privacy policies" standard.


Duty Limiation

When members use the service, the process of the data record will be our Service Database shall prevail. If there is any dispute, the electronic data of our Service Database will be taken as the standard.


●System outages or failures

The service may be interrupted or out of order at anytime. It might cause an inconvenience, loss of data, occur of errors, tamper by someone and the lost of economy etc. You should have taken protective measures when using the service.

We do not assume any compensation for the damage (or inability to use) caused by the use of member. Here is the reason below.


I、When the related software and hardware of the service is going to replace, upgrade, maintain, repair and remove.

II、When the user against to follow any Government decrees or the terms of use.

III、When the service is forced to stop or interrupt due to the natural disasters or the reason of force majeure.

IV、When the service is forced to stop or interrupt by something, it can not be blamed.

V、When the uncontrollable things of our market cause the service information shows incorrect, tampered, forged, retrieved, and deleted, the interrupted of the system and the stopped of the work.


●Deny or terminate your use

Based on our market’s own discretion, you have agreed that we could deem you have violated the terms of service, the spirit and for any reason. Moreover, we could terminate your account (or any part thereof), password and the use of our service; remove or delete any “Member content” of our service.

Based on our market’s own discretion, we can terminate our service or any part thereof under the circumstance that we have notified or not. You would agree to provide any service according to the terms of service; we can terminate without any prior notice. You will acknowledge and agree that the supermarket may immediately close or delete your account, all the related data and files in your account, and even stop the use of our service.


●Applicable law and competent court

The Interpretation and the application of the present agreement as well as the dispute related to the present agreement shall be dealt with the laws according to the Republic of China and Taiwan in Shihlin District Court jurisdiction of the first instance court.